At Dalai Sofia, our beverages are the product of our belief that healthy individuals create healthy communities. After our collective decades of work in the service industry, our partners have gained time-tested skills that result in some of the best kombucha and jun one can buy. Our mission together has been to build a sustainable small business that not only supports us and others financially and creatively, but one that helps support a larger network of small businesses, each engaged in rising to their personal best through innovation, teamwork, and resiliency.


Alex Bueno found his home in SC after attending College of Charleston. Aspiring to become one of SC’s first Hemp Farms he founded Little Eden Farms. Loves working with healthy products to create healthy communities and business dude with background in start up companies.

Zach Smith is a Charlotte, NC native and educated at the University of Houston. He came to Charleston in 2007 and immediately fell in love with the Lowountry. He now applies his skills as a sommelier and nationally praised mixologist to crafting Dalai Sofia's recipes and leads our production team at Camp Sofia.

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