About Us

At Dalai Sofia, our beverages are the product of our belief that healthy individuals create healthy communities. After our collective decades of work in the service industry, our partners have gained time-tested skills that result in some of the best kombucha and jun one can buy. Our mission together has been to build a sustainable small business that not only supports us and others financially and creatively, but one that helps support a larger network of small businesses, each engaged in rising to their personal best through innovation, teamwork, and resiliency.

A little about our partnerS


Zach Smith was raised in Charlotte and educated at the University of Houston. He came to Charleston first in 2007 and immedietly fell in love with the Lowountry. He now applies his skills as a sommelier and nationally praised mixologist to crafting Dalai Sofia's recipes. 

Jeff Lowe is an experienced wine maker from Yakima Valley who employs his technical skill and precision to the art of brewing kombucha, jun, and other ferments.

Emily Phillips, a Maine native with a background in restaurant management and small farming keeps our team engaged and connected to our community.

Our team met while living in the Virgin Islands. All searching for something to help bolster our diets on an island where fresh produce can be scarce, we started brewing kombucha. We each fell in love how we felt after incorporating the ferment into our lives, and became equally enthralled by the art of making and flavoring such a nuanced beverage. Though paradise was hard to leave, we yearned to be part of a community rich with farmers, growers and makers like ourselves.

We were, and continue to be, amazed at the Lowcountry's abundance--in both diverse raw ingredients waiting to be utilized, as well as its communities of resourceful, resilient, and kind people.